I work with two kinds of Musicians.


Those who want to make a full-time living in the Music Industry.

Whether you’re just getting started or working part-time in the music industry and wanting to make a transition into full-timing it, this program is right for you.

I’ve successfully taken Artists from $0 – $60k in less than 12 months. That could be you.

 Get started today!

I want to Make a living in Music

"Worth every penny"
Tania, Alberta
"It's amazing, I'm learning so much and continue to navigate the music industry with the postivity, information and knowledge of Jo."
Dan, Ontario

Those who already do and want to take their careers to the next level…

As you navigate your way through being a full-timer in the industry, it’s easy to get stuck and feel like you’re not making the progress you want or need to be. I currently coach many full-time Musicians who are having immense success by learning how to be in the right mindset and become the incredible leaders of their own careers. 

I’m ready, let’s do this

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